The Celebration of Teaching and Learning 2012


  1. hparris says:

    ESL techies will be presenting “Using iPads with English Language Learners” on Friday

  2. Addison says:

    Thanks for the comment, Angela. I guess you could say I’m pcriehang to the choir here! What I find most frustrating is that I end up having to constantly defend my position to enroll these students in ELL. Administration, secretaries, other teachers, are all free with their opinions about how Jessica speaks English fine, she is just lazy. I end up having to advocate for Jessica throughout the year just to get her the support she deserves, but I find that I always end up questioning myself about my decision. As the only ELL teacher for grades 6-12 in a very small district, I have no support network of my own. It chips at your confidence when the ESL resource coordinator for the region tells you that maybe this student should be in Title 1 instead of ESL. Of course, how much knowledge can the resource coordinator have if she doesn’t even realize there is no Title 1 at the secondary level? When it comes down to it, I do as all good ESL teachers do; advocate for those students and provide them as much support as possible.

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